The source of your pain and suffering may be from an uneven bite.


75% of ALL head, neck or facial pain is from muscles caused by bite problems.

If you suffer from TMJ, headaches, neck or facial pain the source of your pain may be an uneven bite. That is, your upper and lower teeth don’t fit together quite right leading to clenching and grinding of the teeth and ultimately pain and damage. Symptoms of a bite problem often include:

  • Headaches

  • Jaw pain

  • Jaw popping / Clicking sounds

  • Neck pain

  • Face and ear pain

  • Cracked, worn or broken teeth

Whether your problem is new or you have been suffering for years there is still hope. Dr. Jerry Simon has spent the last 30 years studying and treating patients, teaching other dentists, writing his book, Stop Headaches Now and perfecting and patenting his FDA approved Best-Bite Discluder, designed to help diagnose and treat patients with head, neck, and facial pain due to an uneven bite. To learn more about how we can help please call us today at (203) 883-4433 or request a consultation.


1. When teeth don’t fit together evenly most people will start to clench or grind their teeth.

Clenching and grinding leads to dental damage including worn or broken teeth as well as hyper muscle activity that can lead to head, neck, facial pain and possible joint damage. Think of it this way. If you go to the beach and put down your chair in the sand it will wobble because the sand isn’t level. But no one wants to sit in an uncomfortable chair all day. So you dig the chair in till it’s level. But if you took your chair to the parking lot where the ground is very hard, and you tried the same thing it wouldn’t work. All you’ll do is break the chair or hurt yourself in the attempt, but you won’t get the chair level. Clenching or grinding teeth is mostly an effort to get your teeth to fit without a wobble like the chair. The cause of tooth clenching or grinding is the wobble. When the wobble stops, so does the clenching or grinding.

2. When you clench and grind you are overworking your jaw muscles and if you over work them they will start to hurt.

Lift some weights at the gym or carry some heavy packages. If you are doing “bite ups” with your head and jaw muscles that is the same thing and might cause pain. But when you let the muscles relax by putting down the weights or packages, the pain stops.

3. Stress might make you more annoyed by the wobble but stress does not cause the head, neck, and facial pain.

Stress is like wind. Wind will spread a fire but unless you have a match to start the fire, wind by itself will not make a fire. The wobbly bite is the “match” to start clenching and grinding that might lead to dental damage, jaw damage or head, neck, and facial pain. Or all three.

4. The solution is to even the bite.

So the trick is to even the bite to stop the teeth clenching and grinding, the dental damage or head, neck, and facial pain. There are a number of ways that evening can be accomplished depending on your situation including a bite guard, dental equilibration and braces.

5. Diagnosis is the key to successful treatment.

TMJ is the name of the jaw joint. (Temporomandibular Joint.) Like elbow and knee, is the name of a joint. Everyone has two TMJ or jaw joints. So if you have head, neck, and facial pain it might be due to a number of possible problems. Dr. Simon’s patented and FDA approved Best-Bite Discluder can tell you in minutes whether or not your pain is from an uneven bite.

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Between worn or broken teeth and head, neck, and facial pain over 80% of people suffer from the effects of tooth clenching and grinding. Most people with these problems are incorrectly diagnosed and needlessly suffer for years and years.

The problem in diagnosing head, neck and facial pain is that there has never been any tests to determine the real cause of the pain. There are no blood tests, X-rays, Cat scans or MRI scans that can determine whether the pain is from a tension headache, a migraine, a cluster headache or caused by a bite problem (TMJ Dysfunction). These tests can only rule out serious injuries or tumors. As a result, many people wind up misdiagnosed, frustrated and in pain, with only drugs to mask the symptoms.

Dr Simon’s patented, FDA accepted Best-Bite device can conclusively prove if your pain is due to a bite problem. Regardless of who you have seen or what you’ve been told, in less than 10 minutes, with no drugs or surgery you can find out if we can help.

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Dr. Jerry Simon has spent the last 30 years studying and treating patients, teaching other dentists, writing his book, Stop Headaches Now and perfecting and patenting his FDA approved Best-Bite Discluder, designed to help diagnose and treat patients with head, neck, and facial pain due to an uneven bite.

Dr. Simon is totally committed to your well-being and his promise to all of his patients is to provide help.

  • By making this information available FREE to anyone with access to the internet.
  • To provide an accurate diagnosis for those seeking his help.
  • And if he can help to provide the correct treatment and alleviate your pain

For more information about how we can help with head, neck and facial pain please call us today at (203) 883-4433.

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Your jaw should open and close smoothly and straight with no bumps, clicks or cracking sounds if there is no damage in the joint. Clicking, popping and scratchy sounds in the jaw joints are proof positive that the joints have been damaged. That said, most of the time there is no pain associated with the jaw joint sounds so people often assume that nothing much is wrong, but that just isn’t true!

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I have suffered from TMJ since I was a teenager. Dr. Simon did amazing things for me. My jaw pain is gone, my headaches are gone. I no longer worry about how I’ll feel when I wake up in the morning… It’s changed my life.

Kimberly, TMJ Relief

I’ve been suffering with head, face and neck pain and chronic migraines for the past three years – Every single day. It’s affected every aspect of my life. My marriage, my kids, just about everything.  I’ve seen every top doctor you can possible think of and I’ve been on tons and tons of medication. I really started to give up hope. I found Dr.Simon’s website and I started reading it and I noticed that’s how I feel. So I made an appointment and met with Dr. Simon. At first I wasn’t hopeful because the other million things I had tried didn’t help at all, but I decided why not, just give it shot. So I did. It took about two months of treatment. Each month I noticed a decrease in my migraines and facial pain. In September I had my usual 16 – 18 migraines per  month and my last one was October 14, 2015!  It’s now been exactly one year, five months and two days that I have been migraine free. It’s amazing! I never would have believed it would work… and it did.

Therese, TMJ Relief

I had a really bad TMJ problem where I was clenching a lot and feeling a lot of pain in my upper mouth. Dr. Simon has this fabulous treatment where he was able to help me fix my bite and I’ve been feeling great ever since.

Lisa, TMJ Relief

I started experiencing some popping in my jaw when I was eating. Then one day I was standing in my kitchen and I bit into a carrot and my jaw locked in the open position. I actually had to manually push it back where it was supposed to be which was a very scary experience. I contacted my dentist, who really didn’t know what to do. I looked on the internet and found Dr. Simon. First he put the Discluder in my mouth and showed me how it would take the pain away. It was quite amazing. I went home with the Discluder and used that. Then I came back and had the work done until finally I had absolutely no pain – No jaw pain, no head pain, no  more popping. I haven’t had any problems. I can’t tell you what a difference it’s made in my life. I was afraid to even go places because I thought if my jaw went out of place what am I supposed to do. I no longer have that worry. I am very happy that I came here.

Joannie, TMJ Relief

For the last couple of years I’ve been struggling with grinding my teeth on one side and consistent jaw pain. After consulting with Dr. Simon I decided that the TMJ treatment was what I needed to do to be more proactive and invest in a better bite today versus having to fix it in 10 years or so. Happy I did it. I definitely recommend talking to Dr. Simon about TMJ treatment.

Chad, TMJ Relief

When I became a patient I explained to Dr. Simon that I was having some problems with headaches, my jaw popping and some clenching and grinding of my teeth. Dr. Simon discovered this is all is linked TMJ. Since I started the treatments I’ve noticed a great difference in the pressure on my jaw from the clenching – So far everything is going great. Dr. Simon is extremely knowledgeable.

Kristin, TMJ Relief


To learn more about how we can help with TMJ, head, neck or facial pain please call us at (203) 883-4433.