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At Dental Care of Stamford we work hard to deliver the care, comfort and convenience you deserve. But don’t take our word for it!  Please listen to what our actual patients have to say about their experiences with us.  Feel free to call us at (203) 883-4433 or contact us with any questions. We look forward to meeting you and helping you to protect  and maintain your dental health.


I had some complicated dental problems, always hated the way my teeth looked. They got me right in!  Dr Simon’s team made me feel comfortable and with all the specialists in one office they took care of me and made the treatment as painless and convenient and pleasant as possible.  Can’t wait to bring my family!  Highly recommended.

Michael T.

I have always been afraid of dentists.  But with Dental Care in general, and especially my hygienist Irena P., i have no stress.  They are as gentle as can be, and always professional, and i believe i have received only the highest quality in care.  I have recommended them to friends and family, and their experiences mirror my own.  I highly recommend them.

Rissa G.

The staff at Dental Care of Stamford are very friendly and caring. They are very professional, and I love the way they explain everything. It’s a very warm and caring atmosphere. I would recommend them to anyone I know.

Ellen S.

The care and customer service at Dental Care of Stamford is sincerely the very best that I have ever had.  Dr. Roth, Ilena, and Stacy’s attention to my comfort, their charming personalities, and their dedication to the wholeness of my oral health has been magnificent – so much so that I have brought in other patients (quite literally by hand) to experience pain-free and thorough dental care here.  Should you in any way have a fear of the dentist, please go directly to Dental Care of Stamford – it will change your smile forever.

Chas M.

DCS is consistently a pleasure to deal with, in every way.  The staff is friendly and courteous, and they make going to the dentist the closest thing to “pleasant” that it could possibly be.

David L.

I had put off having necessary dental procedures because of memories of pain and sheer terror from when I was younger. Recently, I realized that I could no longer put off the obvious, I needed major dental work because of lack of dental care.

I had recently moved to Stamford and decided it was time to find a dentist. Close to where I live is Dental Care of Stamford on Summer Street. I made an appointment. I needed an extraction. Four extractions later, old fillings redone, a partial denture and I am happy.

I can finally say that I am no longer afraid of the dentist.

The staff, especially Dr. Simon, have made me feel like I am family. I highly recommend this practice. You are put at ease and made to feel welcome. I actually smiling now when I get there and have an even bigger smile when I leave.

Laurie M.


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