stop-headaches-now-by-dr-simon75% of ALL head, neck or facial pain is from muscles caused by bite problems.

Many people have head, neck or facial pain due to a bite problem but they don’t know it.  In an uneven bite, when the jaws are in a centered balanced position, only one tooth touches. To bite all the way, chew or swallow, the jaw has to tip causing the muscles to become overworked and stressed. This can lead to tooth clenching / grinding, damage to the jaw joints and pain from the over worked muscles. In an uneven bite there is a conflict between the teeth and the jaw joints. This is known as  TMJ Dysfunction.  A complete explanation of TMJ is available in Dr.Simon’s book, Stop Headaches Now.

Stop Headaches Now is the only book written for the person in pain, the patient, as well as for doctors who see patients with head, neck, and facial pain, but are not trained in diagnosing and treating TMJ dysfunction pain. It can be ordered from any book store, or online from book sellers such as or Faster service is available by ordering it directly from the publisher by going to Professionals may get discounts on orders of ten copies or more.

To learn more about TMJ and get a free chapter of Dr. Simon’s book Stop Headaches Now please visit our website devoted specifically to exploring TMJ, head, neck and facial pain at


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