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If you’ve been experiencing tooth pain then your dentist may have referred you to an endodontist. An endodondist is a dentist that specializes in maintaining teeth through procedures, involving the soft inner tissue of the teeth, called the pulp.

At Dental Care of Stamford our endontist can help you with:

  • Same Day Root Canal Treatment

  • Traumatic Dental Injuries

  • Endodontic Retreatment

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Dr. Al Bonanno has been the endodontist specialist here at Dental Care of Stamford for over 5 years now. As an endodontic specialist, he focuses on the diagnosis of tooth pain, root canals, treating injuries, diseases and infections associated with the nerves and blood vessels of the tooth pulp (the soft tissue inside the tooth).

He graduated from New York University in 1976 and then completed his general practice dental residency at the Hospital for Joint Diseases in New York City. In 1980 Dr. Bonanno decided to specialize in root canal treatment so he completed his specialty residency in Endodontics at New York University.

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A root canal is needed due to an infection in the tooth. This is usually due to an extremely deep cavity or, less often, due to a blow to the tooth. A tooth could have a deep cavity and the doctor might not know that the tooth needs a root canal because nothing shows in an x-ray and the patient has no pain. Then, a week or a year or many years later, something may show up in an x-ray or the patient could report pain. If that happens, root canal treatment would be done at that time.

Root canal is a process where infection is cleaned out of the inside of the tooth and the canal is sealed to prevent re-infection.

Root canal treatment is done in the case of an infected nerve. Usually a tooth having root canal treatment can be made numb with a local anesthetic and it doesn’t hurt at all. Sometimes, a tooth with an infected nerve does not react to Novocain as well as a normal tooth and takes more work to get it completely not sensitive.

A root canal is done to remove the infection and seal the canals in the tooth. This can often be done in one visit. Sometimes two or three visits are needed depending on the individual tooth and degree of infection.

The root canal treatment was fine. The problem is the tooth was weakened by prior decay and required a cap to fix the tooth. If that was not done, even with a successful root canal, the tooth can break.


Everyone was very nice and made you feel so comfortable.  They were willing to answer all of your questions no matter what the questions was without hesitation. They also guide and inform you on every procedure they are doing every step of the way.  Knowledgeable, friendly, kind and fun!

Sarah M.

Excellent service, everyone was pleasant and helpful with any questions I had and went out if their way to help me come up with a payment plan to help my financial needs. Very clean and comfortable environment. Dr Roth and his team were excellent and patient for my wisdom tooth removal and providing information to further my health with my teeth. I will be returning here as my regular dentist and recommend you do as well.

Melissa D.

I recently moved to Stamford and was recommended to Dental Care by my gf. What a great team and experience. From my first visit Mimi made the entire experience pleasant. Dr. Simon is the best he thoroughly explained each step of the root canal which helped ease my fear, especially since I heard they were painful. The procedure was a success and Dr. Simon even called me later that evening to ask how I felt . Now where do you get that kind of attention from a doctor? A short time later I had the six month smile done and what a great decision,I now have a perfect smile 🙂

This office is the best!! So great I even took my son to see the kids dentist downstairs. He loved the I pad in the waiting room and the toys and stickers he received afterward. Wanted to know when I was bringing him back for another visit . I would recommend this practice to anyone looking for a personable knowledgeable caring staff!!

Jerry B.

I’ve had THE WORST experiences with dentists for the past several years.  It took me a long time to find this “GEM”.  Dental Care of Stamford made me feel comfortable from the very beginning.  Very professional, knowledgeable and great “bedside manner”, which is also very important to me.  Speaking as someone who always considered the dentist chair as “going to the electric chair”, I dont feel that way anymore.  I highly recommend!!!

Alicia B.

I love Dental Care. Been a patient for more than 15 years. Would recommend Dr. Simon and his staff especially Mimi who always makes me feel special. I’m nervous to go but they make me feel comfortable. Had four veneers done they look fabulous.

Sandra B.


To learn more about endodontic care please call us today at (203) 883-4433.