Laser Bonded Fillings


A better “Cure” for stronger and longer lasting fillings Dentistry in the 21st century involves using esthetic looking, bonded white fillings. “Bonding” involves two steps. One is to prepare the tooth to receive the [...]

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Tooth Colored, Mercury Free Fillings


Tooth-colored fillings are made from new space age materials called composite resins. Similar in color and texture to natural teeth, the fillings are less noticeable, and much more attractive, than old-fashioned silver mercury fillings. [...]

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Replacing Missing Teeth


Missing teeth and spaces Missing teeth replaced. Notice appearance, especially at gum line Why have an OK smile when you could have a great smile?Dr. Jerry Simon has been providing cosmetic procedures [...]

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Treating Gum Recession


Gum recession on the canine teeth created a severe distraction in the uneven gum line. Reconstructive gum procedures by periodontal specialist Dr. Randy Neichen and Dr. Simon's porcelain crowns together helped to create a wonderful [...]

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