Stop Headaches NOW!

See Dr. Simon and one of his headache patients Interviewed on TV News!

Join Dr. Jerry Simon and his satisfied Best-Bite™ headache treatment patients on the popular TV segment "12 on Health" - and learn how you can stop bite-related headaches in just minutes!

Part 1: Meet Dr. Simon's patient who has suffered with headaches for many years

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Part 2: Hear Dr. Simon explain how he Stops Headaches Now on Channel 12 News

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"I could not be happier with this, my first visit for dental work. Dr. Simon was more patient with me than I would have been with myself! He helped me through what is normally quite an anxious and stressful event and made it much less so."

"i love coming to your office...everyone likes there job! that says alot to me....ana is great!!!! everyone else is too!glad i found you ... :)"

"To Dr. Simon, I've never met a dentist who was more caring and concerned about my dental experience. You went out of your way to help me control my anxiety. This was the best dental procedure I ever had."

"The hygienist showed me my teeth on TV and helped me understand how to maintain a healthy mouth. Recommend for x-ray to deeply look into the healthy or damage teeth, and a Doctor go over with the xray ,all of these done within an hour, with the best suggestions by the Dentist, it is the example of how things done at This Place. I love that and will tell all my friends and Family members about my excellent experience."

"Dr Simon was excellent and really patient! I appreciate that he also walked me through the procedure so I was able to understand what was going on and when it would be over!"

"When I arrived for my appointment i was greeted with all smiles in the office.. Laura greeted me with a smile on her face as always and she always takes care of her patient's hile working on their teeth.. Laura is very professional at her job......"

"Love Holly!! She's the best!! Actually makes going to the dentist fun!!"

"Absolutely a great group of people, enjoying their job and the ability to help others, Personalble and proffessional!"

"Laura was great"

"Great work, very happy continue the great job you are doing."

"This is a wonderful, professional, full-service, dental office. I just love it!"

"Anya is very competent and personable, I actually enjoy coming to see her. Well done, all!"

"The office was easy to get to with underground parking, which always makes life easier. The entire staff were wonderful and I'm so glad we have found you. The equipment is state-of-the-art, the x-ray machine is digital with low radiation, and they use a thyroid guard when taking x-rays. Thank you for making the experience a good one, and I truly appreciate what you did for me."

"The appointment was efficient and Anya is superb."

"Since I became a patient of Dr. Eva's a number of years ago, Dental Care of Stamford's entire staff has always been extremely professional. Thank you."